Best Battery Pack for Fast Charging

Best Power Pack The Anker PowerCore+

The Best Battery Pack for Fast Charging in 2018

Let’s face it we live in a very digital world that is fueled by our batteries. It’s no secret that as time goes on our batteries suck! Sometimes we need more juice for our road trip or even just to keep in our pockets. Finding the best battery pack can be hard as many of the products are cheap and don’t stand up to their claims. That is why we recommend a big name brand to make sure you get quality…

Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAH

Best Power Pack The Anker PowerCore+

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  • 20100mAH – That’s 7 Smart Phone Chargers or 4 Tablet Chargers!
  • USB-C
  • IQ Quick Charge – Get 50% in 10-15 minutes
  • Strong Durability and Warranty



  • Fast charging power bank on the market
  • 1 of the highest capacity
  • Allowed for Carry-On luggage
  • On SALE!


For such a low cost there is not much better you can do! We highly recommend this product. Stop buying “lip stick” battery packs and upgrade to one of these! It will last you much longer as the Lithium batteries used in this battery pack is much stronger. It will also result in a higher capacity than anything you have used before.

We brought this portable charger with us on a road trip in Mexico and it lasted the entire 4 days keeping all our phones alive! This thing is a beast. I prefer using this as my daily charger over any outlet! The one downside of this is the lack of input speed, its capped at 2.4A, unlink the PowerCore 2. All though in all of our testing when left over night the PowerCore+ will be done charging by morning!

If this size is something that deters you, the PowerCore+ also has a little brother: The PowerCore 13000 a great more compact version of this battery pack!


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