Best USB Wall Charger

usb wall charger

Best USB Wall Charger

Anker Elite Dual Port Wall Charger – $10.99

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USB Wall Chargers are essential today! They are what keep our juice flowing and a cheap one will ruin your device without you even knowing. USB Power Plugs are what convert the AC current that is supplied from the grid into the DC power that our phones need.

Using a cheap USB wall charger will result in bad power quality and slow charging, that could actually harm your device.

So, when testing out devices we wanted to make sure that they lived up to the DC power output they bragged about. Here are the pros and cons of the best usb charger we found!


  • Extremely Fast and Precise Charging
  • Good Brand with a Warrenty
  • Two USB Ports
  • Sturdy build


  • This may seem more expensive than other brands, but it is quality!

Yes, this may be more expensive than the $1 charger at the connivence store, but look you invested a lot into your electronic device. You might as well give it the power it needs.

This product is awesome when its paired with out best battery pack using the IQ charging technology you will get the fastest charge for the device.

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