iPhone 4s Charger

iPhone 4s Charger

JETech iPhone 4s Charger – $6.99

JETech iPhone 4S Charger



  • Sturdy Cable
  • White and Black
  • Good packaging
  • Well Priced


  • Company will ask you to leave a review
  • Can cut easily if put against a hard surface, but should be stronger than the Apple one


In our testing of iPhone 4s Charger, we found that this cable was the best bang for the buck! 

Most cables in this price range are very flimsy and will break easily! But we found in our testing that in this price range this cable will last and charge your device slightly faster than the competitors.

When your pair this with the best wall charger  you will find a great charging experience. We put one of these at our bed side and in our office to make sure that we have power where its needed.

We think this is an outstanding deal. JETech offers charging cables for newer products, but we do not recommend them over other name brands.

If you are interested in seeing more options click here

A great piece of tech to go along with this would be a power bank, go check out our review of the Best Power Bank!

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