Top 3 USB Charging Ports

Top 3 USB Charging Ports

Finding the best USB Charging Port can be hard!, But we found the top 3 for you. These will charge your device fast, safe, and keep your wallet happy.

1. Anker PowerPort 2 – $12.99

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This is a great USB Charging Port. It is fast, reliable, and very cheap. We noticed that this is slightly better in charging speeds than number 2, but it is also a few dollars more which might defer some buyers.

2. Aukey Ultra Compact – $8.99

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This is a great runner up to number 1. Its fast, reliable, and has a great name brand behind it. We prefer Anker here at GetMyCharger. But, you can’t go wrong with this USB Charging port.

3. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 – $27.99

usb charging port ankerCheck on Amazon

This is an amazing USB Charging port! It has 4 USB ports, allowing you to plug in many more than the opponents. This is great to have at a kitchen counter so you can get everyone’s devices in. This might be slightly over kill in some houses, but we absolutely love it here!


If you are looking to upgrade your USB charging game you can not go wrong with any of these options. We highly advise you stick to name brands when purchasing charging devices as it will keep your device safe.

These all provide a very fast charge that can’t be competed with by many other brands!

Great things to pair with a USB Charging Port

None the less you will be very happy with purchasing one of these products!

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